Guidance for submitting abstracts

Call for Abstracts

We invite resilience, reliability and asset engineering scientists, policymakers, and practitioners to share knowledge and ideas to make systems more robust and resilient. We welcome abstracts of original research on these suggested topics:

1) Resilience

  • Resilience metrics and assessment
  • Resilience modelling
  • Design for resilience (robustness, recoverability, etc.)
  • Organisational and community resilience

 2) System Safety

  • System safety analysis
  • Safety modelling
  • Design for system safety
  • Sector-specific safety issues

 3) Asset Management

  • Public infrastructure asset management (transport, power, water, ICT, etc.)
  • Manufacturing/process industry asset management
  • Service industry asset management
  • Primary sector asset management (mining, agriculture, forestry, etc.)

4) Reliability

  • Systems reliability with emphasis on large-scale infrastructural systems
  • Prognostic health monitoring of complex systems
  • Reliability modelling and analysis

Abstract submission
In about 300 words, the abstract should include:

  1. Problem statement
  2. Objectives of the contribution and the issues discussed
  3. Scientific approach (theoretical, experimental, simulation, etc.)
  4. Main findings
  5. Implications of the findings, including future work

All presenters will be acknowledged for their contribution to the congress in their certificates of participation.

Upon acceptance of abstracts, presenters who wish to publish their work in an ISBN-registered conference proceedings may submit a four-page paper in addition to the abstract, subject to the review by a committee. More information will follow upon acceptance of abstracts. In addition, the programme committee will select outstanding papers and invite authors to submit the full papers for special issues of QREI or Springer after the conference.