Guidance for submitting abstracts

Call for Abstracts

The call for abstracts and proposals for tutorial sessions is now open. We invite scientists, policy makers, and infrastructure professionals to share your latest knowledge on infrastructure resilience through the International Conference on Infrastructure Resilience 2018.

We invite authors to submit their abstracts of original research on the suggested topics below. In about 300 words, the abstract should include:

  1. statement of the problem
  2. the goals of the contribution and the issues discussed
  3. the scientific approach (theoretical, experimental, simulation)
  4. the main findings
  5. the implications of the findings including future work

Suggested topics

1 Understanding resilience of engineered systems

  • interdependency analysis (known, hidden)
  • system-of-systems analysis and modelling
  • critical regime shifts in infrastructure systems
  • resilience performance and metrics

2 Understanding resilience of socio-technical systems

  • organisational resilient behaviour
  • individual resilient behaviour
  • adaptive behaviour of individuals
  • influence of institutional arrangements on resilient behaviour

3 Building resilience of engineered systems

  • system expansion resilience and robustness
  • system reconfiguration for resilience and robustness
  • enhancing the adaptive capacity of systems

4 Building resilience of socio-technical systems

  • building organisational resilience
  • building individual resilience

5 Governance of infrastructure systems for resilience

  • governance processes to build resilience
  • mechanisms to increase attentiveness (cultural memories, stories, etc.)

Call for Tutorial

Session Proposals

Senior researchers with broad experience in the field of resilience are invited to submit proposal on a resilience topic. These 30-minute tutorial sessions should aim to present the state and perspectives on emerging and classical subfields of resilience research and engineering.

These proposals of about 600 words should address:

  1. the subfield of resilience research and engineering of the tutorial
  2. the main lines of research in the subfield, including major achievements
  3. illustrative case studies to explain the application of research methods
  4. ‘the big challenges ahead’, including possible pathways to address them
  5. Outlook

A special publication ‘2018 Tutorials on Resilience Engineering and Research’ may be compiled upon the completion of the conference.

Important dates

Deadline for abstracts & proposals submission
   –   31 May 2017

Notification of acceptance
   –   31 July 2017