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Future Resilient Systems

Future Resilient Systems (FRS) is the second programme of the Singapore-ETH Centre, established by ETH Zurich and the National Research Foundation, under its CREATE programme. The programme seeks to develop a framework, concepts, and tools to make interconnected critical infrastructure systems more robust and resilient.

FRS provides a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural environment to address the challenges of increasingly interconnected and complex infrastructure systems. As a whole, research at FRS focusses on 4 domains: Understanding and modelling Interdependent Systems, Optimising network extension/protection, Individual behaviour for resilience, and organisational behaviour for resilience.

The programme brings together an interdisciplinary team of nearly 100 principal investigators, PhD and postdoctoral researchers, and research assistants and engineers. The team comes together from Switzerland-based ETH Zurich and Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), and Singapore-based Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS), and Singapore Management University (SMU).

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ETH Risk Center

The interdisciplinary ETH Risk Center was established by ETH Zurich in mid 2011. The founding of the centre placed ETH Zurich among the leading proponents of understanding the growing complexity and interdependence of our social and engineered systems, and discovering and modelling related behavioural phenomena. In this spirit, the Risk Center promotes system thinking and theory and builds an integrated view of risk landscapes by striving to overcome fragmentation in risk research and risk management and to design systems for resilience in a cost-effective manner.

Members of the Risk Center are ETH Professors from diverse disciplines including engineering, mathematics, computer science, economics, political science, climate and weather risks, and system design. The centre also serves as an interface between academia, industry, civil, and governmental authorities. The ETH Risk Center was instrumental in the founding of the Future Resilient Systems programme in Singapore, under the Singapore-ETH Centre, in 2014.

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