2019 World Congress on

Resilience, Reliability and Asset Management

28 – 31 July 2019


In the last decade, the emergence of cyber-physical systems (CPS) has resulted in an increase in the connectivity within and between infrastructure and industrial systems. This has led to the increased complexity of the systems of systems, which creates new challenges in their design, operation, and continual development.

The International Conference on Infrastructure Resilience 2018 in Zurich, organised by the Future Resilient Systems at the Singapore-ETH Centre and the ETH Risk Centre, has successfully contributed to the emergence of resilience as a scientific concept. The upcoming World Congress on Resilience, Reliability and Asset Management Congress 2019, which stems from the success of the conference in Zurich, sees the convergence of the International Conference on Infrastructure Resilience, the International Conference on Reliability Systems Engineering organised by Beihang University, and the Annual World Congress on Engineering Asset Management organised by the International Society of Engineering Asset Management.

The event brings scientists, policymakers, and practitioners from the areas of resilience, reliability, and asset engineering together to share the latest knowledge, approaches and experiences to make interdependent infrastructure systems more robust and resilient. The congress and the networking opportunities provide the platform to develop new insights to contribute to the improvement of infrastructure assets and systems management based on these key themes:

1) Resilience

  • Resilience metrics and assessment
  • Resilience modelling
  • Design for resilience (robustness, recoverability, etc.)
  • Organisational and community resilience

 2) System Safety

  • System safety analysis
  • Safety modelling
  • Design for system safety
  • Sector-specific safety issues

 3) Asset Management

  • Public infrastructure asset management (transport, power, water, ICT, etc.)
  • Manufacturing/process industry asset management
  • Service industry asset management
  • Primary sector asset management (mining, agriculture, forestry, etc.)

4) Reliability

  • Systems reliability with emphasis on large-scale infrastructural systems
  • Prognostic health monitoring of complex systems
  • Reliability modelling and analysis


Registration closes
30th June 2019

28th to 31st July 2019


Standard: SGD 750
Student: SGD 400

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Furama Riverfront Hotel, Singapore